Gross Communications President Dan Gross recently discussed social media disasters and the importance of proper conduct with KYW Newsradio 1060. Here’s an excerpt from the story:

Gossip columnist turned public relations consultant Dan Gross agrees that time is both a friend and an enemy in such situations.

“The first thing that is necessary is to stop, take a breath and step back,” he says. “A lot of what gets people in trouble is the instantaneousness of it all.”

He says airlines in particular, aware of how quickly trouble on their system goes viral, are getting pretty good at handling Twitter and Facebook rants.

“People will be tweeting at such-and-such airline, ‘Hey you lost my bags, you suck.’ And (the airline) will say, ‘Thank you for your concern, please direct-message us.’ And ten minutes later you’ll see another tweet that says, ‘Thanks to Julie at such-and-such airline, she immediately resolved my situation.’ ”

You can read the entire story here.